Keep the magic alive. Please hold your applause until after the final piece of music. 

Feel it blossom slowly, tentatively. Watch your mind race after your first date. Be seduced. Make a life together. Come on the journey with us.


Bloom (2003/2012)

Steven Bryant (b.1962) USA

Slowly, from the stillness, something begins to blossom. From these first tentative steps, love begins to grow. Hearts unfold, like flowers at springtime, until they are in full bloom. Radiant. Exhuberant. But with a sense of underlying tranquility... as though you've just met someone, yet you feel you’ve known them forever. 



Catching Trains of Thought (2017)

Luke Speedy-Hutton (b.1989) Melbourne*

Imagine just having been on a first date and boarding the train home, your mind a-flight. You shift between feeling 10-feet tall and wanting to hide in your bed for a week, replaying every detail. Your brain is a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions, hidden behind the thin facade of the calm commuter. 

*Part of our Made in Melbourne Project featuring local composers. You can meet Luke after the concert and hear more of his music here.



Danzon No. 2 (1998)

Arturo Marquez (b.1950) Mexico

Through dimmed lights and a haze of smoke a lone dancer moves slowly, erotically. Joined by another, the couple plays around each other. Teasingly. With each chorus the tension mounts, until they break into a fiery party as they hold each others’ gaze. At the height of it all the excitement dissipates, the room clears and the couple are on their own - reliving it with still greater intensity. They wildly trace the same steps, spinning toward an even more impassioned climax!


Symphony No. 2, Op.30 - 'Romantic' (1930)

Howard Hanson (1896-1981) USA

3 movements:

I. Adagio (slowly) - Allegro Moderato (moderately fast)
Be swept up in the unfolding drama of life, the interplay between divergence and unity. Disconnection and coming together again. Opening with eerie uncertainty we are drawn towards a moment of anguish. The horns (featured heavily in this piece) introduce fierce, brassy assertions: "I’m right!”, perhaps? These are set against pensive moments of introspection: “I actually love them, maybe I should chill out?”. Love is remembered, as a tender theme introduced in the violins gives a sense of peace and security. Passionate embraces are interrupted by agitation and unease. Calm, meditative music transforms into a sense of resolute determination and strength, before we revisit earlier scenes. At times the melodic ideas tumble over the top of each other, each instrument clamouring to be heard, creating chaos before it is resolved in moments of great unity. Lovers finding each other again. 

II. Andante con tenerezza (slowly with tenderness)
Calm, tender caresses. Held gazes that stretch on forever. Flashes of heat gradually build to an uber-romantic passionate outpouring of love. Gradually, the fire turns to embers. Relaxing, we return to the tenderness of the beginning, falling into dreams. 

III. Allegro con brio (fast with spirit)
Sudden excitement! The sheer elation of spending a life together takes hold and can barely be contained. The memories and music of the previous movements are recalled, before the exuberance is recaptured. Forging ahead, the relentless building of anticipation is almost unbearable. A sudden halt, a tender, loving gaze, and then we know what is coming. A future bright with possibility. Love. Life. Joy.


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Conductor Ingrid Martin
Guest Concertmaster  Sarah Ellison

Piccolo Alexia Samiotis
Flute Stephanie Lai, Jess Farrell*
Oboe Edward Wang*, Nicole Gee*
Cor Anglais Nicole Gee*
Clarinet Liam Samat, Kimberly Ho
Bassoon Chris Marchingo, Mia Quist*
Contrabassoon Mia Quist*
Horn Claire McLean, Chloe Uhrmacher, Aidan Ratcliff, Ramona Downie-Berry
Trumpet Benjamin Sametz, Liam Whitbourn, Carmen Robertson, Thomas Saar
Trombone Allan Pennings, Elise Frederiksen, Alistair Goggs
Tuba Alicia Parry
Percussion Naomi Tan, Jeff Kiat, Chantelle Riordan*, Shayna Wescombe*
Violin I Sarah Ellison, Michael Patton, Rebecca Skurrie, Lara Serafin
Violin II Alex Rosenfeld, Teresa Wilkie, Siew-Ching Wan, Andrew Lin
Viola Matt James, Mengfei Hu, Malavika Shridhar
Cello Asli Ibrahim, Jana Zulic, Kiya van der Linden-Kian
Harp Laura Tanata
Piano Nicole Ng

*denotes guest musician


President Liam Whitbourn
Vice President Elise Frederiksen
Secretary Ruby Lulham
Treasurer Alex Rosenfeld
Librarian Stephanie Lai
Orchestra Manager Melanie O'Brien (IgniteLAB Intern)
General Committee Matt James, Teresa Wilkie

Front of House Volunteers Kit Millais, Daniel Joseph Riley, Alex Owens


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