Rehearsal Preparation

To ensure that VYSO plays to the best of its ability in rehearsal and concerts, orchestra members are expected to: 

  • Commit to playing in the concert, missing no more than two rehearsals and ensuring you attend the rehearsal immediately prior the concert
  • RSVP to rehearsals on Ensemble Ninja no later than 2 weeks before rehearsals start for each concert. If you are unable to make a rehearsal at the last minute, please text Michael Patton at 0413 279 879.
  • Practise parts are provided when available. Familiarise yourself with the part through adequate private practice. Look through the music to check for, and if necessary mark, changes in key, in time signature, repeats etc. Play through the music, practising difficult passages/sections, marking fingering etc. 
  • Listen to a recording while reading your part (especially for works you haven’t played before). Spotify playlists will be provided for each concert. Recordings of most the pieces we play are also available on YouTube. 
  • If you can, research the composer, era and style of music to improve artistic interpretation. 
  • Check the rehearsal schedule on Ensemble Ninja to ensure you are prepared for the work(s) that will be practised at each rehearsal. 
  • Go over points given by the Conductor or Principal Player in each rehearsal before the next rehearsal. 


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