When:  December 2, 2017 | 7.30pm
Where: Werner Brodbeck Hall, 156 Collins St, Melbourne

You are supposed to cry in this concert. Think of your one, true love – the love that you let go. Think of pain, aching and awful. Think of loss – of death, of tragedy.

Now, think of that sliver of light amidst the dark – cling to it, for it will get you through. 

Johannes Brahms
Tragic Overture

This is high octane Romanticism – dark and rugged, tortured and thrilling.

Eric Whitacre

Stressful and fast, this piece won’t alleviate any tension you’ve been harbouring over the past week. But embrace it – this is cathartic.

Dan Forrest
Requiem for the Living

A requiem is a mass for the dead - but in life, sometimes we may not always be better off. In this enormous undertaking, we will celebrate the dead, and mourn the living with a full orchestra with live surround-sound choirs .